Speak Out 4 Others

Beware The Devil Hides Best In The Church




Inside the mind of a broken girl

Understanding The Language of Narcissistic Abuse

People who are placed in positions at the church should be ppl who actively live a Godly lifestyle rather than just speaking of it.

#ISaidNo #HeDidntCare

What does “Praying” by Kesha mean? — The Pop Song Professor

Christian Woman’s Guide

Let’s go tell her abuser shall we! #beware #notconfidential @ Cornerstone 

Love Me or Hate, Just Never Ignore Me

I want your love. I want your hate. I want your joy. I want your tears. I want every single emotional ounce that you possess and I want it directed at me. It is easy to understand why anybody would…

Source: Love Me or Hate, Just Never Ignore Me

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