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Beware The Devil Hides Best In The Church


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Narcissist on Worship Team

Evil Lurking In Church Leadership

Let’s go tell her abuser shall we! #beware #notconfidential @ Cornerstone 

Things he’s said

He would never hurt me.

Our premarital counselor told me the abuse would become physical. I wouldn’t believe it. 

A Real and Sadly Typical Story of False Repentance and Pastors Enabling the Wicked

Cornerstone Ministries

A Cry For Justice

One of our readers left this very insightful comment, telling her story of being faced with false repentance and pressure from a church to accept it and reconcile with her abuser. We wanted to make it a stand-alone post so more of you would be sure to see it. So here it is. Thank you MUCH, Maxgrace —

The first time I left my husband my baby was about two months old. He found me. He actually had someone call the number where I was staying to say that he was having a heart attack and that I needed to go to him because it was very serious. I had heard that line before so I didn’t bite.

He had a pastor call me at work and tell me that I was harming my husband by my unwillingness to reconcile because he was ready to hang himself. This was on…

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