What is a Flying Monkey?
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He watched him attack me and he hit me so hard that my earring flew out of my ear and I never found it until a year later. He was there so many times my ex put his hands on me and he could hear my screams because his room was next door. He was there on the last incident as well.

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HIS MOTHER-FLYING MONKEY-Amazing how she lies even when the first time he really hurt me I called her for help and was screaming but he grabbed my phone and hung up. It’s strange to me that since she was SO SHOCKED about her son living a double life that the abuse he put me through was actually a surprise to her. I mean he even used her email to send fake ones to me. And all along she thought when I talked to her that I told her the awful things when him and I fought.

Here’s the BIG SURPRISE…I never told you the really bad things. But when I came forward with the TRUTH, you wouldn’t believe it. Weird since you know your son has a temper problem. You’ve enabled him his whole life and got him out of messes. Don’t you think it’s time for you to quit bailing him out? BOTH of your sons are compulsive liars.


GOD AND THE CHURCH-FLYING MONKEYS-Yes, Cornerstone leaders, you were the worst. Why would I come to you several times to help our relationship and try to fix him if I was trying to just get him into trouble? That doesn’t even make any sense. I would be able to easily forgive you if you weren’t already aware of the past abuse. However, it’s hard for me to forgive you when you knew for a few years. But for my own peace I’m eventually gonna have to. And if you believe in God like you say you do you will have to answer Him why you didn’t help me. You can’t say you didn’t know. Shame on you.