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Beware The Devil Hides Best In The Church


Cheater, infidelity, Narcissist

People who are placed in positions at the church should be ppl who actively live a Godly lifestyle rather than just speaking of it.

Online Predator

He is a predator-Facebook, Pinterest, Online Dating Sites, etc

Knowing the Narcissist : HG Tudor

facebookWhat causes the narcissist to use Facebook so much? Firstly, it is the online success story of recent times. Originating in 2004 it has seen off its rivals, such as Bebo and Myspace and has dominated the market. Over a billion people have Facebook profiles. That is a lot of potential targets for us. Secondly, it provides us with an extensive net to cast through whichever device we happen to have to hand. It is accessible and effective. Thirdly, the presentation of information on Facebook in particular tells our kind plenty of things which allow us to ascertain whether there is a viable target in our sights.

I am not referring to this in terms of the class traits that we look for, for instance, a somatic narcissist would seek out those who post plenty of pictures of how physically attractive they are, their ongoing diet and exercise regime, which…

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Reasons why the Empath won’t cheat on the Narc (unfortunately). However, they have no problem doing it to us.

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