After Narcissistic Abuse

In the beginning of a narcissistically abusive relationship, targets have a sense of “fair, equitable treatment”.  We also sense that something is “off” or not normal about the way a narcissist begins to treat us, right out of the gate.  We try to stand up for ourselves, asserting our needs, and telling them how we feel uncomfortable or put off about the way the narcissist interacts with us to no avail. We simply aren’t respected as individuals.

Narcissists have an extremely self-serving style of communication with others.  First of all, they manipulate, exaggerate and downright lie to us to get us to fall under their spell.  This first phase of over doing communication is called “Love Bombing”.  Love bombing communication is used by the narcissist to make inroads into our life, mind and heart so that all of their later oddities, peculiarities, demands and not so normal requests, aren’t as…

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