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blessingsI’d like to clarify a huge misperception related to relationships, narcissists, and abandonment that will help facilitate recovery for narcissistic abuse survivors.

Now, any normal human being would think that if the person they love abandons them and leaves (for no obvious or apparent reason), then something is wrong with me not them. The normal human reaction to abandonment and betrayal is shame, specifically self-blame, self-hate, self-loathing and even self-sabotage.

Well, I am here to tell you that in relationships with narcissists, not only is this NOT accurate, it is totally false and this is why?

We are dealing with pathologically disordered, manipulative, covert, aggressive, slick individuals who lack compassion and empathy. So situations with “narcissists leaving” and in fact nothing dealing with narcissists is “normal.”

And the reality of a narcissist’s leaving, which is, in fact, a blessing, goes more like this:

Scenario #1 – We Tell Them to Leave

We don’t have to wait till the narcissists…

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