A Cry For Justice

Saeed Abedini’s recent Facebook rants are typical of the language abusers use when their other tactics of abuse are ceasing to be effective and they believe they have no other way of regaining the upper hand. Have a look at these examples of Saeed Abedini’s Strange Online Behavior which Julie Anne Smith has gathered together and commented on at Spiritual Sounding Board.

Having looked at those examples of Saeed ranting, it seems to me that his tactics of ‘playing the Christian Nice Guy’ to recruit and maintain allies among people of influence are becoming ineffective. It appears that the noose is tightening in on him. I’m not sure how the noose is tightening, but I could make a fair guess because I’ve heard so many reports of how abusers behave.

When the abuser realizes he

  • may loose financial support
  • may have to fork out big $$
  • may lose contact with his kids or his visitation time may…

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