Jonny was always sending morning messages. When he didn’t (which was rare) I’d worry if he had slept in. He did do this often. I’d call, no answer. I was then worried something had happened. Nope, he was dropping the other woman off at work. I know this now.

Knowing the Narcissist : HG Tudor


Remember when you would wake up and reach for your mobile ‘phone and find that loving and uplifting message that I had sent you? I always rose before you and ensured that a delicious, tantalising text was sent to you ready for when you woke. Like a morning cup of tea on your night stand it was that little gesture which made you feel special. It told you that the first thing that I thought of when I woke up was you. This message of love, desire, passions and excitement would provide you with the first buzz of the day, a delicious reminder of how wonderful I am and how marvellous we are together. The first text of the deluge that would follow throughout the day, scores of little gift-wrapped presents which you open and smile, laugh and melt over. Little did you realise that these messages had been recycled…

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