Yep, sounds like some things the ex said.

-You’re lucky I even date you
-No one wants someone with a kid
-You should feel lucky that I even put up w your crap
-I had it made before (w his other ex) and now I have this (me to deal with)

Knowing the Narcissist : HG Tudor

You fed off me and I am sick of it. You attached yourself to me drawn by my magnetism, but I never asked you to. You just decided that you wanted to be with me, you need me, truth be told and because I am magnanimous I allowed you to attach to me but as of late your taking and leeching has begun to annoy me. You cannot deny this is what you are. The evidence speaks for itself. You saw my charm, my attractiveness, my easy manner with people and how they are drawn to me and like some opportunist you decided that you wanted some of that. You realised that you could benefit massively by attaching yourself to me. You could avail yourself of my impeccable reputation, my scintillating presence as my esteemed connections. I do not blame you for wanting to be associated with me, who would…

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