Lipstick On The Pig


My personal experiences with pigs and lipstick hasn’t just been familial, I’ve experienced it almost everywhere.  I know that I am more sensitive to it and see it quicker than most people, but that doesn’t lessen the blow when it hits. In fact, it’s worse because I can’t seem to get away from it.

  • Nursing Home Pigs
  • Post-Nominal Pigs
  • Christian Pigs
  • Pigs within the Church

One of the first experiences I can remember that wasn’t a family member, was when I visited a family member at a nursing home. She was frail, deaf, on a feeding tube and near death. It was scary to see her extremely helpless yet so ignored. The pamphlets of the place showed this sunny beautiful home and everyone smiling in harmony. The entrance area is pretty and bright, the front desk person is presentable and the Director could sell a glass of water to a…

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