Trauma bonding at it’s finest. You are so used to the chemicals in your brain reacting to the trauma and you are addicted to it.

Bye-Bye, Jerkface.

Every time I left Jerkface,  I was still in love with him. I know how hard it is to leave when you’re still in love with your abuser. Yes, being with him or her makes you feel sad, small, unappreciated, scared, and ugly – and maybe there are physical bruises too – but being away from Jerkface somehow hurts even more! How is this possible?

Enter the trauma bond, and yes, it’s as bad as it sounds.

According to this powerful post What Abusers Hope We Never Learn About Trauma Bonding, trauma bonding “…happens when you feel emotionally and physically dependent upon a dominant partner – who dishes out abuse and rewards so you believe that he’s all-powerful.”

With a Jerkface, your relationship isn’t built on mutual trust, respect, and enjoyment. It’s built on power and control, and guess what – Jerkface has both of those. Over time and a series of exchanges…

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