Memoirs of a Broken Woman


There is so much power and healing that takes place when we share our stories. When we boldly stand and say NO MORE we take our life back! I continue to be in awe from the letters I have received and the strength and courage of so many women. Thank you for sharing your story with Memoirs of a Broken Woman!

An Open Letter to My Abuser:

Within a few short months, I will be celebrating four years away from you. My journey since that cold winter morning on December 14, 2012 has been long, arduous, and at times so intolerable that I thought I would tumble over the edge into irreversible madness and become engulfed in it for eternity.

The abyss is still in my rear view mirror, and even though I still struggle with intermittent panic attacks and nightmares, the knot in my stomach grows less tense, and…

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