To others abused

Tamar weeps

Dear sweet hurting sister,

I know your tears. Down in the deepest part of me, I understand your pain. I’m so sorry for the life you’ve been forced to lead. And though the one who should have loved you most of all has sought to destroy you, I want you to know that your life hasn’t been wasted, that there’s still hope, and that you life has a purpose outside of the endless mind-bending pain.

Even in the midst of man-made cruelties, there are things we can learn. One of those things is just how strong and resilient we are. You are so strong, dear one, do you know that? Do you see your own strength? You get back up every single time he knocks you down. Sure, it might take you a while after the most brutal of attacks, but you never give up—do you? By the grace of God…

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