Lee Duigon

If our country ever needed prayers, it needs them now. Our law-makers have become law-breakers, and we stand poised to hand over the highest office in the land to a wicked woman whose 40-year history of lawlessness streams out behind her like the tail of a comet.

O Lord Our God, we have sinned against you: we have been cold and indifferent toward you, and ungrateful, and rebellious. For that reason you have raised up wicked and ungodly rulers to chastise us; they have spoiled our country, and led us still more deeply into sin.

Father, save us! Not for our sakes, but for your own great mercy’s sake, as a God who delights in mercy.

Save us, O Lord: not for our sakes, but for your own great glory’s sake: let the world see your power and your might, and tremble.

Save us, O God! Not for our sakes…

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